We help you get paid faster. We do this by taking care of an invoice from the moment it’s created, to the moment it’s paid. Since COVID19 began,
invoices are now 42%
more likely to be late!

For Freelancers, Sole Traders and Small Businesses​

We know it might take up to 60 days for some small business invoices to be paid, so Chasr speeds up the process by chasing any overdue payments for you.

How it works:

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Sign up to your Free Trial

Create your account for free in 60 seconds and if you like the service, we have some very flexible plans for you to sign up to.

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Add an Invoice

Just upload your invoice and let us know a few details - or connect to Xero - so we can start chasing up your payment when its due.

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We'll Chase Payment

Whilst we're chasing payment, access your Dashboard and customise the payment prompts your client receives in their inbox.

Surely it can't be that easy?

It surely can… but if things do get complicated, perhaps a client queries your invoice for example, our finance team and optional legal support will endeavour to get things back on track.

Effective Credit Control​

We’ve designed Paperwrk to better than existing manual credit control options:

We chase on an automated basis, on a schedule you set.​

Once your invoice is uploaded, you can sit back (or more likely get on with real work) whilst we do the awkward chasing bit.

It's designed for Small Businesses, Freelancers & Sole Traders.

We know you don’t have a finance team, or the time to chase overdue payments. We fit into that gap perfectly so you still get paid, without the hassle of doing the Accounts Payable yourself.

It's priced for the modern 'gig' economy.

Unlike other credit control solutions, we don’t charge a percentage of invoice value. We offer an annual subscription which allows for a fixed number of invoices to be chased. Just add Bolt-ons to enhance the service or upgrade when your business needs change. Sending less invoices? No problem. Your credits will roll over to next month.

Chasr's Core Features:

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"Paperwrk Chasr is a great product with excellent support. Highly recommended!"
Nikhil Kumar
Freelance Software Developer, Setu