Slide Features We’ve designed Chasr to be as lightweight and simple to use as possible, so all the features we offer are as valuable as the time and effort we save for you.

Automatic Credit Scoring

Working with a new client? Chasr® provides an automatic Credit Score from 1-5 stars so you can judge the credit worthiness of any client.

Perform a simple check before sending your invoice.

Giving you piece-of-mind that the invoice will be paid, or allowing you to look at Invoice Factoring options through Chasr.

Invoice Insurance Quote

Insure an Invoice for Guaranteed Payment

Juice up your Credit Control Process with Chasr and protect your business against non-payment.

Optionally, protect any or all of your invoices against non-payment based on risk factors that our financial partner provides. 

Fully integrated with our platform, there are no long forms to complete. 1-click is all you need to do to get protected.

NB: Only available in certain regions including UK.

Late Payment Interest Calculator

Our Late Payment Calculator helps SMEs & freelancers work out what interest can be charged on an overdue invoice.

A late payment culture exists between businesses and their clients, meaning that:

  • 33% of payments to small businesses in the UK are late
  • Average value of each late payment is £6,142
  • Delays can be 18 days or more
  • 20% of small businesses have run in to cash flow problems due to late payments

Our simple tool can help – now supports 30 Countries across the globe including New Zealand & Australia.

Using the Late Payment Calculator

More Features

Smart Reminders

Fully personalised each of the 9 Email Templates using our WYSIWYG editor and have them delivered safe and sound by Chasr.

Flexible Options

Different plans to suit your individual business needs from a few invoices a month, to a full Enterprise solution with unlimited invoices.

Insights & Reports

Our out-of-the-box tax reports of each invoice measure your tax liabilities, and drive better decisions for your business.


Real-time Dashboards provide an overdue of your current outstanding invoices. See, at-a-glance, estimated Tax and VAT liabilities.

Put an end to unpaid invoices with a free 30-day trial on Chasr

Timesaving Plugins

Chasr currently integrates with Xero. But if you use another package, don’t worry, support for those are coming!

Chasr has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your external Invoice app or Accounting Software package so when you create an invoice – we’ll know when to start chasing for payment.

We’re adding new plugins all the time so if your package is not yet available, it soon will be!

Chasr + Xero
“We've been able to concentrate on the work we provide and not worry about the overdue payments. Chasr is a breeze to use and really helps me with my clients.”
Ricardo Minas
Consultant Scrum Master with Hitachi
Harper James Solicitors

Legal Advice

If a particular client proves difficult, you have 30 minutes of free legal advice to help you.

It is never easy when a client fails to settle your invoices. Harper James Solicitors is a top UK legal firm and will provide a free 30-minute consultation on your situation.

They’ll offer impartial advice, but should you need to take things further, their team of lawyers are ready to provide their services are reduced rates* to Chasr users.

* Part of a paid subscription plan

Bolt Ons

With Chasr, you can add some great Bolt-Ons to your base package, providing a number of enhanced features.

These optional Bolt-On services can be purchased separately and extend Chasr’s capabilities.

Add on SMS alerts that can be fully customised and sent to your global client; or extend our service with the Personal Accounts Assistant who will call your client directly and chase overdue payments.

Screen with Chasr in a browser window

Backed by a Winning Team

Paperwrk has been founded by people that have been self-employed for over 20 years.

We know exactly what it takes to run a small business, to manage cashflow, and to ensure you’re paid on time by a client. We know the issues that can arise which is why we came up with the concept behind Chasr.

In addition, we’re backed by the Natwest Entrepreneur Accelerator FinTech Programme and the UK’s Small Business Commissioner.

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Even More Features...

Get paid via Stripe

Get paid using Stripe

Connect your Stripe online account directly to Chasr in moments and your client can settle the invoice directly.

It takes a moment to enable Chasr to connect to your Stripe account and the next time your invoice is due, your client can pay through a secure Stripe payment window on the platform.

Apart from Stripe’s standard fees, Chasr takes no payment for this free facility!

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200+ Countries Supported

Chasr supports tax breakdowns in over 220 countries as well as allow you to send emails from our safe and secure email address.

Local business services. International reach.

With business now being done on a global scale, your business may have to work across international borders.

Chasr has been created with this in mind – from your personal tax breakdowns to the Accounts Assistant calling your customers, Chasr is your virtual Accounts Payable Team.

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1 min setup Customised Messages Amazing Support