When you need Professional Legal advice

Our trusted legal support partner, Harper James Solicitors, are on hand to act on your behalf. Their expert solicitors can mediate disputes or take your case to court to recover unpaid invoices.

Free consultation and cost-effective legal support to help your business grow

Harper James Solicitors specialise in providing expert business legal advice to start-ups and smaller businesses.
Having worked with more than 1,000 UK businesses they appreciate how important affordable and timely support can be in enabling your business to succeed.
Their team of over 30 senior solicitors have worked for top UK law firms and are experts covering all key areas of business law.
As part of our collaboration, Paperwrk Chasr customers can access a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your dispute and advise on your options, helping you understand the most practical and effective route forward.
Harper James Solicitors
“Harper James has provided us with a highly responsive and pragmatic dispute resolution service which has been efficient and very cost effective in resolving recent disputes.”
Alex Sloley
CFO, Triptease Limited

Free Consultation

A 30-45 min chat with a legal professional to discuss potential options for chasing outstanding or disputed invoices on Chasr.

Professional Support

Access to partner level legal support at heavily reduced rates as part of your Chasr service or free on certain Pricing Plans.

Fast Response

Guaranteed 24 hour response time (Mon-Fri) from initial inquiry to scheduled call.

Simplified Process

Paperwrk and Harper James Solicitors handle the exchange of information to help reduce costs so no time is wasted.

Fill in the contact form and we will start the process of scheduling your call with Harper James Solicitors today. All information will be kept confidential.