The Professional Plan annual license offers businesses and individuals to be able to send invoice reminders to their client or customer without any worry or need to do further admin for just £2.49 an invoice!

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Solve your basic Credit Control requirements with this Plan if you send approximately 10 invoices a month – that’s just £2.49 an invoice!


As a small business or Freelancer, you need to have some assurance that you can have your customer settle your bill as soon as it it due. With Paperwrk Chasr, we do the hard work and act as your virtual Credit Control team so you can get on with the work you love!


  • Peace-of-Mind for your business
  • Let us chase up to 120 Invoices per year
  • Customise the Email Message Alerts
  • 9 Alerts are sent per Invoice before a “Letter Before Action”
  • Integrate with Xero or FreeAgent or with many invoice apps
  • Free 30-min Legal Support Service
  • Credit Score Check
  • Tax breakdown for 222 countries
  • Free ‘Letter Before Action’
  • Invoice Insurance (via external insurer)

License Details

Expiration Lasts for 12 months.
Limit Limited in the number of activations. Up to 1 activation allowed.
Development Developers support. Development environments (running on localhost) do not increase limit capacity, allowing this license to be used on production and development.

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