Paperwrk Chasr has been designed to make everything easy for you.

Shockingly, 62% of invoices sent by Freelancers & Small Business Owners in 2018 were paid late. On average, UK companies are paid 18 days late causing untold anxiety to their owners having to chase payment each month from uncooperative clients – losing up to 20 days a year in unnecessary admin!

Transform 60 seconds worth of work on credit control into what would previously take an hour or more. Chasr supports your important finance process, and allows you do what you do best! If you loathe spreadsheets or stress about calling your client for a late payment, then Chasr takes that tension away.

We’ll even recommend some enhanced services that would help you factor an invoice or provide insurance against non-payment.

GDPR? We’ve got you covered

Privacy of digital data is important in today’s world. Paperwrk Chasr stores all your important documents and invoices in our Secure Document Vault for added peace-of-mind.

Safe. Secure. Sorted.

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Wear many hats…

With Chasr, we present a professional face to your small business and help you manage your invoicing so that you have more time free in the day where you can be earning money.

Not to mention the risk of missing payment deadlines yourself when delayed client invoice payments fall through the gap. We’ll be there for you.

Simply upload a copy of your invoice, tell us about your client and we’ll take over. Chaser is your virtual Finance Team – we’ll remind the client whenever payment is due, and chase them continually for you when a bill is unpaid.


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Our Ethos

In the growing gig economy, time is the true measure of value, reputation is like diamonds but cash is king.

Paperwrk answers that need. We understand that your life is to be enjoyed and cherished with loved ones, family and friends. Our aim is to enable people working in the Gig Economy and associated businesses to excel at the work they love, whilst we take some of the stress and burden away!

Many people seek a new freedom of work to fit their lifestyle. They are choosing contracting as a way of gaining flexibility and balancing work with family and other pursuits. We believe in humanising the workplace and building lasting relationships.

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